DATA is your company's most valuable asset.  That's why OneBox Technology allows you to keep all your BI data in ONE DATABASE where you can perform all your business analysis and functionality, including an interface to QuickBooks or MyTaxBuddyTM

Quickly, affordably - your customized, integrated business system is built with OneBox Technology. Think ONE database - your website, marketing, sales and business system - no duplication of entry, no multiple charges.   All data and views are access level controlled and spreadsheet driven for ease of use. You can administer, add data, views and more.

From an outstanding CRM that starts with Leads through Sales Tracking (do you really know which marketing dollars are the most productive?), and includes Referrals tracking (7L) with Email and SMS Blasters for those Drip Marketing touches or to fill a conference or a restaurant or just to keep in touch with your current customers, to scheduling your client visits, to job tracking, all the way through eCommerce and Inventory Tracking, we have the options you need. 

We offer a Document Repository so that you can take your company paperless.   We even have a Dynamic Google mapping option so that you and your sales team can plan and print their day, saving on time and gas.

from Google Marketing (Adwords, landing pages with automatically updated forms and recorded calls), to our Document Repository which takes you paperless, integrated Google Apps (Calendar, Dynamic Mapping, Analytics) and Quickbooks integration, to our DataCare Vault (no more handling of client credit card information), we provide a full solution. A few of our base solutions include:
Security Alarm Systems
Construction / Roofing
Pet Care - Orders, Visits, Scheduling
People Care - Home Health
Non-Profit Organizations
Home Services Companies
Consulting Professionals
Professional Services - Tax, Legal, Accounting

People start a business because they know how to do something - sell a product or perform a service, but that doesn't mean they know how to run a business.  That's why we offer Business Consulting Services - we have literally hundreds of years of business and marketing experience from large business to SMB to entrepreneurial - we can help you analyze what your target market is, how to reach them with the right message and how to grow your market in today's economy - and get the price for your items or services that you deserve but don't know how to ask for!

Business Intelligence
Every business needs a Business application that can be rapidly and easily adopted to your company‚Äôs sales process, not the reverse. That facility makes for the logical and intuitive quality a business solution should have.  Sales reps should be able to save data into the sales process stages to which it applies, and should also be able to easily retrieve that data at any time in the future.  Your contacts and leads should be easily tracked through your sales funnel.  In this way the sales force will be empowered instead of constrained!

With this level of quality and ease of use in your OneBox Business application, this will make it possible for other users to understand, track with and analyze sales, and will considerably raise the quality output potential of marketing as well as empower executives with more precision analytics.

Business Analytics Consulting
Ask yourself these questions if you're in business to succeed in a BIG way:
> Do you have leads, customers, salesmen, inventory or employees that you could be tracking better?
> If you actively market your business, do you really know what is working for you?
> Are you still using Excel as a major tool in keeping track of your business?
> Does your business software fall short of what you need?
> Are you entering your contacts in multiple places (Excel, Constant Contact, Salesforce)?
> Are you or your sales team missing appointments, or not following up and missing sales?
> Could you save money by having software that helps you be more organized?
> Do you know that most businesses fail because they don't value their own time?
> Could you benefit from being in the Top 10 for your search words on Google?
> Could you benefit from demographic research and telemarketing?
> Could you benefit from being there for the people looking for you with Google Ads? >>>>>

If the answer to any of the questions above is a yes, you should read on!

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Are you tracking your leads so that you know where to spend your marketing time and dollars and don't lose potential clients/customers?

Do you know exactly where you and your employees time is spent and what it's worth?
i.e. are you making money?

Are you trying to remember links to all your tools and important web sites? The options available on the OneBox Technology Dashboard are limitless.

Are you using a CRM/Business/Marketing System that is complicated, clunky, hard to understand and doesn't fit your business model? Our system is as easy as pie - everything at your fingertips PLUS World Class Customer Service!

Look at all the options on the below. (Scroll down - it's inside the RED box):

- Lists Contacts List, Address, Bill-To Info, Ship-To Info, etc - shows the information that you want to see for the selected contacts - you can build and maintain the lists yourself!

- Options include (upper right of Contact List)
1) Upload - We'll give you an Excel speadsheet template or load your data for you,
2) Add - the same screen but empty and waiting for your input,
3) Edit - two edit options (single/multiple), both displayed below the list,
4) Email - Set up Email to the selected Contacts (with attachments),
5) Downloads include ALL (full list), DSP (only your selections displayed), QB (QuickBooks download)

- DropDowns allow you to create your own lists by making selections.

- Column headings allow you to sort your list by clicking Up or Down.

- Line Options include:
1) Delete - Delete Row,
2) Email - Set up Email to selected contact (with attachments),
3) Schedule - Show the calendar with appointments, set up more,
4) Notes - Add Notes for this contact,
5) Edit - Edit selected contact,

- Color Coded Set up your selection of colors for your categories.

- Dynamic Google Mapping!!!! Plan your daily route.

Can you set up your web site, intranet and admin options so that only people with the correct security level can see them?

Is your contact database being backed up for you and available 24/7 (even on your phone)?

Can you make quick changes to your web site and Facebook Fan Pages yourself? If you can use Word, you can use our quick and easy CMS.

Are you "touching" your leads AND your customers the right amount of times in the right places? Our Email and SMS Blasters with EZ CMS for creating your content and Tracking Statistics will help you stay on top of it!

Are you paying for and keeping up multiple databases with products like iContact or Constant Contact? The number one time waster - and we have the solution! One CRM system (Contact or Customer Relationship Management) that drives all your options from Leads tracking to Email and SMS Blasters to Scheduling and Mapping - AND you can add more data fields as you need them!

Are you paying for a web site, Facebook Apps, Mobile pages, SEO, Google Top 10 Ranking - all separately? We provide all this (and more) on one Dashboard. We modify each option for you at an affordable price (tier pricing based on number of employees), if your goal is not to have to change your business processes.

Do you need integrated eCommerce with Order Tracking, Inventory Control and Returns Processing? Item Entry and Maintenance (items can be services!), categories and sub-categories, pricing, descriptions, shipping, tax, select FIFO, LIFO or Doesn't Matter, track serial numbers for warranty and returns.

Do you need Integrated Marketing and Internet Marketing (SEO, Video, Facebook and Google Top 10 Ranking)? We offer proven marketing and internet marketing packages at affordable prices. We even post videos and articles on your dashboard that will help you do what you can yourself.

Are you more knowledgeable and have the time and want to be able to configure it all yourself? We provide the tools you need to set up your data fields, then select what you see on your lists and detail screens - even select which drop-down selections are seen and which fields are required entry.

Do you want to track which campaign your leads came from and which leads result in sales? Track your leads to find out which campaigns or sources are most effective in the long run.

Do you lose track of leads - and not know where your leads come from and which lead to sales? Follow your sales process through your custom status codes to outcome. Assign salesmen on a rotating basis or individually. Send texts at different stages. Track employees or subcontractors who log in by job/project and clock In or Out by clicking a button on their phone - analyze who is working most efficiently and who is not producing.

Need Job Tracking? Set up your job/project tracking status codes and set your requirements to move forward in the process. Multiple jobs are allowed for one customer. Scheduling, crew assignment, and generate materials orders after requirements are met.

Need a Help Desk? Need a way to track customer or IT requests? Enter a ticket and set up your processes using custom status codes and behaviors.

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